About Our School

Kiara College provides a safe and supportive learning environment characterised by innovative teaching practices.

We respect and value all members of our diverse community. Our students are encouraged to embrace opportunities and aspire to excellence. Our students develop skills and abilities that enable them to be responsible, informed and active citizens who contribute positively to society.

Our Values: Respect and Responsibility, Effort and Excellence, Care and Commitment

Our aim to you is to maximise opportunities for your child, whatever their dreams and aspirations.

A range of electives and subjects are on offer to students to inspire and develop a strong passion for their future pathway.

Fostering excellence through innovation

With a reputation for innovation and tradition of academic and vocational success, Kiara College, in partnership with tertiary education and industry sectors, supports students to follow their aspirations and pathways for wide range of careers. These range from Medicine, Accounting, Teaching, Agriculture, Hospitality and a range of trade careers. We offer Approved Specialist Programs in Agriculture and Basketball. A vibrant Contemporary Music program offers students the choice of specialising in guitar, voice or drums and the opportunity to receive expert instrumental and voice tuition from the School of Instrumental Music. Other initiatives have seen an increase in Certificate Courses that meet student interest and address future needs for employment in Tourism (Events Management), Business, Human Services, Agriculture and Engineering. Students with these qualifications are advantaged when following pathways to University, Training or Employment.

A thriving school community of diverse backgrounds

Founded in 1974, 2015 marked our first year as an IPS school and the first year we included Year 7 students in our intake. Catering for Years 7-12, Kiara College boasts a comprehensive and innovative program that supports students to achieve their potential. Students can follow an ATAR, General or VET pathway, preparing them for university entry, TAFE or the workplace. Our ethos encourages personal development and academic aspiration while igniting a passion for lifelong learning. Well researched and evidence based decision making is a hallmark of our practice.

  • Specialist Agriculture
  • Specialist Basketball
  • English, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences and Math
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Media
  • Design and Technologies, Engineering, Home Economics and Digital Technologies

We are very proud of the significant value adding our educational programs provide to our students.

The average progress of our students from Year 7-9 is typically above that of Like Schools, WA Public Schools and Australian Schools. We use a pedagogical approach based on Explicit Instruction.

We have a diverse student population of approximately 590 with 28 different nationalities represented.

We celebrate and embrace our diversity with a range of programs and activities aimed at promoting respect for all. Highlights of the school calendar include Harmony Day, KiaraSurf, Kiaralympics and NAIDOC Celebrations. Aboriginal students at the college are supported through the Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO), Role Models Australia: Girls Academy and Follow the Dream: Partnership for Success program through an outreach program.

Kiara College

Our aim is to maximise opportunities for your child, whatever their dreams and aspirations. All students have the right to an education in an inclusive environment and at Kiara College we strive to provide such experiences. We believe in encouraging students to reach their potential and guide them to become highly employable. We believe in nurturing both academically and socially to create students who can be an asset to both the community and workforce. Our door is always open at Kiara College, so please feel free to contact us for a tour of the school.