Follow the Dream

Follow the Dream

Follow the Dream (FTD) is an Aspirant Program for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students at Kiara College. Students must be meeting benchmark targets in attendance, grades and behaviour to be eligible for FTD.

Students in the program have access to targeted after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 2.55pm – 4:45pm and on Wednesday from 2.40pm – 4:30pm. This also includes a 15 minute afternoon tea to suffice energy levels. During the sessions students are extended in different subjects, complete homework, work on assignments, revise for assessments or reflect on marked assessments with their tutors. Students are encouraged to ask questions of the tutors and bring work on topics they haven’t fully grasped understanding in their classes.

Follow the Dream Logo - Hampton SHS & Kiara College

This Logo shows Hampton Senior High School and Kiara College. Both schools are represented by the colours of their school uniforms.

They are connected up by an ancestral pathway. The pathway in which our Aboriginal Ancestors walked over 60,000 years ago, whether it’s walking the traditional lands, hunting and gathering food or for ceremonies. The land in which the schools both reside on is the Mooro Yellogona territory. This is a very large area which also runs into Ellenbrook and Wanneroo, bordering onto Boorloo (Perth city) and Mandoon (Guildford). These boundaries are shown in the logo. The spiky arc circles are the symbols for footprints, which represent the students walking from the schools following the old pathways. The semi-circles and the large circles represent the gathering of students and teachers.

The kangaroo (Yongka) and emu (Weitj) tracks are shown in the logo, they represent our traditional foods as well as the Australian-coat-of-arms…The red dots on the outside, represent the Darling Range and the blue lines with the white dots represent the rivers.

Kevin Bynder: Whadjuk-Yued-Balaadong Nyungar- Mother

Badimia-Amangu Yamatji- Father

Individual Learning Plans are developed for all FTD students. These are used to track students; progress, goal setting and development of future pathway planning. Students are given access to excursions to Universities, Workplace visits, Career Expos and other Training Organisations to expose them to areas of post school options and to inspire their interest.

Cultural learning is a key component of FTD. Students are encouraged to enhance their sense of cultural identity through On-Country Cultural Learning. Opportunities are provided through various incursions, excursions and camps. Students have been on excursions to Yanchep National Park, Margaret River and Walyunga National Park.

Excursions include FTD students from Hampton SHS, Dianella Secondary College and Morley SHS, as the Program is run in conjunction across the four schools. Kevin Bynder (Aboriginal Artist) is the designer of the Kiara College and Hampton SHS’s FTD Logo. Please click here to read Kevin’s story behind the FTD logo displayed above.

For more information about Follow the Dream, please contact:

Follow The Dream Coordinator: Brant Bibby

P: 6235 7052 (Kiara College) - Mon and Thurs