Mathematics is an essential part of life. Maths is used every day by everyone.

The mathematics program at Kiara provides the opportunity for students to develop their maths skills for use in everyday life and as preparation for tertiary studies in a range of fields.

Students in year 7 to 10 develop their mathematical skills by studying:

Number and Algebra: Students study fractions, decimals and percentages and compare the cost of items to make financial decisions. Algebraic laws and properties are studied, and equations and algebraic expressions are evaluated.

Measurement and Geometry: Students study surface area and volume, apply deductive reasoning to proofs and numerical exercises and use trigonometry to calculate unknown angles.

Statistics and Probability: Students compare data sets, describe statistical relationships, evaluate statistical reports and list outcomes for multi-step chance experiments

Subjects offered at Kiara College:

  • Mathematics (7-10) based on the Western Australia Curriculum
  • Year 11 and 12 General Courses (Mathematics Foundations and Mathematics Essentials)
  • Year 11 and 12 ATAR Courses (Mathematics Applications and Mathematics Methods)

Visit SCSA for more information about curriculum, assessment and standards (Year 7-10), (Year 11-12).