Students studying Science make observations about the world around them and seek to understand our world.

Studies in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science are pursued in years 7 to 10.

The scientific method of problem solving is developed by class experiments and investigations which are conducted by students to learn about the world we live in and to develop observation and enquiry skills.

Selected students in years 7 -10 have the opportunity to visit the zoo and participate in ASPIRE excursions to the University of Western Australia.

Measurement and Geometry: Students study surface area and volume, apply deductive reasoning to proofs and numerical exercises and use trigonometry to calculate unknown angles.

Statistics and Probability: Students compare data sets, describe statistical relationships, evaluate statistical reports and list outcomes for multi-step chance experiments

Subjects offered at Kiara College:

  • Science (7-10) based on the Western Australia Curriculum, students study the following Biological Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science and Chemical Science
  • Year 11 and 12 ATAR Courses (Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics)

Visit SCSA for more information about curriculum, assessment and standards (Year 7-10), (Year 11-12).