The Arts

Media: Our world is driven by media and technology. As such, all students should have the skills and knowledge to promote themselves and their workplaces in our fast paced and competitive society.

Media gives students the opportunity to prepare, film and edit their own audio-visual productions, whilst also acquiring the skills to analyse the work of professionals. Students will learn how to operate a video camera, use a green screen, create a storyboard, use editing software and develop their writing skills. Media encourages creativity, group work and participation in class discussions. It is the perfect mix of theoretical, hands on and visual learning.

Students develop their skills in a range of areas from television commercials, vlogging, promotional video, leavers end of year video and college year book.

Music: Studying music stimulates imaginative and innovative responses and encourages students to reach their creative and expressive potential. Students’ active participation in music helps them to appreciate and meaningfully engage with music practices and traditions of other times, places, cultures and contexts.

In Years 7-10 Music we cover Contemporary Music, Music for Film and Video Games, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Song Writing and Performance techniques. In the later years, students have the option of studying General Music, ATAR Music or the School Production Program in a Contemporary Music context.

Students have the option to be involved in our dedicated Music Program, which includes instrumental lessons and involvement in our Rock Bands. Our students regularly perform in the Community for events such as Altone Comes Alive, K-Fest, the SIM Contemporary Music Festival and Lockridge Carols in the Park.

Dance: The overall focus of Dance is to improve not only Dance techniques across several areas but to acquire stagecraft, choreography and performance knowledge and skills. Students are involved in performances at Harmony Day, Assemblies, Yoh Fest, KFest, Christmas Concerts and School Productions.

In Years 7-10 Dance we cover Creative, Jazz, Contemporary, Cheerleading and Hip-Hop Dance. The aim is towards performance at assemblies, K-Fest and in later years, School Production.

Students are taught dances as well as having the opportunity to choreograph and perform their own routines. There is opportunity to complete an endorsed program in Upper School with a focus on School Production.

Visual Arts: The Arts is about creativity and expression and we are interested in giving students the tools for expression, communication and creativity. In Visual Art, we offer students in Years 7-10 the opportunity to explore possibilities by enabling them to experiment with different media and develop their ideas. We use scaffolding and support to assist students to explore their creativity and develop skills through a variety of studio practices including:

  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Screenprinting

Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to exhibit their artworks in public exhibitions throughout the year in the annual Art Soirée at the end of term 3.

In Years 7-10, students experiment with media and explore ideas to create increasingly more involved and detailed artworks. They research artists and learn to analyse artworks in a supportive and structured environment. By the end of the year, students will have completed a portfolio of work in a variety of studio disciplines.

Students in upper school have the opportunity to complete General Courses or a Certificate II in Visual Art, culminating in an exhibition of their work in the Soirée.