Uniform Policy & Shop

Kiara College adopts a strict dress code:

  • To enhance College identity and spirit and reduce pressure on students in the choice of school clothing
  • To promote the public image of the College
  • To promote safety by making students easily recognisable on College grounds
  • To promote safety by making students clearly visible and recognisable on College excursions
  • To improve safety by promoting safe footwear and jewellery
  • For convenient and inexpensive
  • To ensure a better standard of dress which is usually accompanied by a better standard of behaviour
  • To demonstrate to students that dress is appropriate to a given situation and thus prepares them for their careers and life ahead.

Parents of students who do not attend in full uniform will be contacted to resolve the issue.

Your acceptance of this Dress Code is acknowledged by your signature on the Enrolment Form.

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 8:15am - 3:45pm.

Please call 6235 7000 in the case of an emergency.